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WELCOME To Team Extraordinaire - Cycle With Us!

It's no accident that you are here.  You want to make money....AND LOT'S OF IT as fast as you possibly can. Make no mistake about it, we are NOT involved in some fly-by-night, get-rich-quick scheme.  It is NOT a scam.  It is NOT a ponzi scheme of sorts.   The opportunity that we are promoting is  legitimate and compliant, one that you won't have to be concerned about being shut down after taking your hard-earned money.  The products are second to none, and anyone who is serious about internet marketing can benefit by using the products.

Not only that, but you will absolutely LOVE the compensation plan.  There is only one downfall with this opportunity:  TRUE SPILLOVER.  What makes true spillover a downfall is that, in a lot of cases, people make money even if they don't work!  That is a downfall because what usually happens is that 20% of the people end up doing 100% of the work.  That is just the nature of the beast, but it's ok, because the majority of our team is serious and not concerned about the few who don't work (advertise) because when people join and pay the fee, whether they work or not, WE STILL GET PAID, and so will you!

The program that Team Extraordinaire is promoting is Ingreso Cybernetico (IC).   Trust that it will be in your best interest to join Team Extraordinaire because you will never work alone!   We are SERIOUSLY HERE TO HELP YOU SUCCEED....why?  Because YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR SUCCESS!!!!   Not only do the members of Team Extraordinaire work collectively to keep the flow of new members coming in through MASS advertising which helps EVERY member, but each new member's  URL will get placed into our rotator and taken out once the member receives two sign-ups that will fall into his or her downline.  People, this is a WIN-WIN for anyone with eyes to see, ears to hear, wisdom to understand, and faith to walk the walk.

There are only four easy requirements to become a Team Extraordinaire member, you must: (1)  Review the video on the "IC Video" page (THE ENTIRE VIDEO) to make sure you understand the program;  (2) complete and submit Team Extraordinaire's registration form from this site; (3) join IC and pay the fee, then come back to this site to submit your URL; and (4) help promote our website link: http//cyclewithus.biz.  Promoting cyclewithus.biz is important because it helps YOU... TRUST THAT!

Membership in Team Extraordinaire is absolutely FREE 

Quick Recap - steps to take:

1)  Register with Team Extraordinaire by clicking on the icon below.  When you submit the completed form, you will be automatically forwarded to the "Register Now" button to join the opportunity.

2)  Register for the opportunity and pay the $50 fee.

3)  Return to this site to submit the URL that you will get after you join  the opportunity so that we can insert your URL into the rotator.  Click Here to submit your URL after you get it.

4)  Help promote http://cyclewithus.biz.


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Don't get left out.  The train is here, so hop on board now before it takes off.  You want it to take off with you on it!  No worries if you can't hop on board right now....the train will be back around.  A L L  A B O A R D!



How many of these would you like to have?  Cycle with us and make it happen!!!!

It's all about the Benjamins....don't you think it's time to get your share?

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